Saturday, July 9 · 12:00pm - 5:00pm
Cloverdale Agriplex
17798 62 Ave
Cloverdale, BC

The WESTCOAST FREESTYLE team will be competing at the 2011 CSC in 6 different competitions against approx 40 of the top Canadian and American Freestyle Athletes, for $3000.00 in prize money.


INDIVIDUAL FREESTYLE is where riders have two minutes to put together a run that covers all the required elements and decides who becomes the 2011 Canadian Champion.

CIRCLE CHALLENGE, a head-to-head bracket competition in which riders have to be the first to complete 10 circle wheelie rotations without touching the ground with their front tire or feet.

LONGEST ENDO, a head-to-head competition in which riders compete rolling their bikes on the the front wheel for the longest distance.

SICKEST TRICK, a judged competition in which a rider has two attempts to execute a specific trick.

TARGET STOPPIE, determines who has the most accuracy and can roll endos and park the rear tire closest to a target.

THE GMAN STUNT-X RACE,( In honor of fallen stuntrider Guthrie "GMAN" McKay) STUNT-X RACING is a true all star event, showcasing the speed and skill of the CSC athletes and their various different stuntbikes.
This competition combines racing with sportbike freestyle elements(target stoppie, 12 o clock scrape, rolling burnouts) making it an exciting and demanding race like no other.The fastest time through the course without hitting a cone or missing a trick will determine the winner.10 seconds of time will be added for each infraction.

the 2011 CSC event fb group is
the 2011 CSC website(almost live) will be

The 2011 CSC will be a lot of fun for all motorcycle riders/fans and the level of skill of the athletes will definately blow minds.

Come on down!!!