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    Wanted to trade?

    Hi everyone my name is Mike. I have a 1985 Toyota camry I would like to trade for a reggied street bike. I am a new rider and just want a commuter. The car is in decent shape. It's not running right now only because I haven't buttoned it up yet. I just dropped a rebuilt Engine and Tranny in it and haven't had time to finish it. All it needs is the downpipe connected, Clutch line connected and fluids ect. Not much work at all It does need a VI cause it has strait pipe exhaust and the cop didn't like that i guess. I just don't have the time to finish it cause of my new job and I need it gone. I am open to offers on bikes and I don't mind working on them just so long as it's reggiable and what not. here is more on the car:

    1985 Toyota Camry
    2.0L SOHC (Rebuilt)
    5 Spd
    Power everything (Windows, Locks, Steering, moonroof)
    Cruise (Not hooked up)
    New battery

    Crap load of spare parts include:
    Engine, tranny
    5 Struts, Shocks, brakes, misc. assemblys
    3 altenators
    2 Starters
    Key set
    Lights, Signals, Brakelights
    Interior parts galore
    more stuff just too lazy to type

    Leave a message at 604 720 4453
    or e-Mail msloanca@yahoo.ca

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    10K plus
    I'll take 150 bucks if anyone wants it? No room for it now it's gotta go.

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