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    iPhone 3GS 8GB $220

    SOLD to a slumdog multi-millionaire, huge house, 3 BMWs, a Bentley,... wow, his life story alone was worth more than a dozen these phones. (His daughter used her piggy bank money to buy it, great parent)

    Selling an iPhone 3GS 16GB black on Fido (owned by Rogers), with:

    headphones (never used),
    usb cable (never used),
    power adapter (never used)

    3rd party white car charger
    3rd party usb cable
    usb bluetooth adapter for computer
    motorola bluetooth headset and charger

    4 more screen protectors in case you screw up applying it the first, second, and third time
    2 more cases, one used, one new but in ugly yellow
    Phone is currently in a black version of the yellow case, has screen protector.

    completely water proof Aquapac bag, touch works through the plastic, but capacitive screen doesn't work when fully submerged (phone design flaw, it's like having 100 fingers on the screen at once. Can be worked around by blowing the case up like a balloon.

    Not a single scratch on the screen, been in a case and had screen protector since day 1. Minimal scratches on the back from the sliding case. Never dropped, never seen water (aside from inside Aquapac), never jailbroken, never opened, never modded.
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