Your own History/Lien Check for Bikes sold by Dealership ?
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Thread: Your own History/Lien Check for Bikes sold by Dealership ?

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    Your own History/Lien Check for Bikes sold by Dealership ?

    Hi guys. What would you do in my situation?

    I'm thinking about buying a used bike from a local dealership that was brought over from the States. Dealer says there is no accidents and no liens since they would not be able to bring it over the border if it did have one. Also, the bike will have BC registration soon.

    If you wanted to buy this bike, can you tell me what you would do? i.e. do my own history/lien check (but how since its an import)? Would you get a 3rd party inspection still?

    Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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    Beware, I had a brutal experience with a local dealership with a bike that had been in a collision.
    I believed them when they told me it was accident/lien free, then found out it had a $4000 accident claim on it previously.

    The only way I was able to get this info was to buy the Carproof report, as the bike had been taken to Alberta to get the damage estimate done. Carproof checks all the Canadian provinces and U.S for liens, accidents, everything.
    I did do the ICBC check, but of course nothing came up as the estimate was done in Alberta.

    Learn from my experience as I almost crashed this POS at high speed because something was bent, and I had put all my faith in the honesty of a dealer!

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    You know what they say about used car salesmen, right?????

    Not much diff with a used bike salesman.

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