Slip-On vs. Full Exhaust?
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Thread: Slip-On vs. Full Exhaust?

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    Slip-On vs. Full Exhaust?

    I'd like to get some input from those of you that have used both slip-ons and full exhausts on the same bike. I'm building a 2000 R1 and am fortunate to have both an Akrapovic Slip-on as well as an Akrapovic full race system. I bought my bike originally with the race Akra already on it. Since I had previously owned a 99 6R as well as a 2000 R6, the R1 power was just awesome. However, I want to know if I'll get more mid range with the slip on and stock EXUP valve over the non-EXUP race system. At this point I'm leaning towards just using my race system but I could use more midrange for 3rd gear power wheelies. Top end isn't that important to me as I rarely ever get up there anyway. The only reason I'm considering this is because I could resell the race system and use the $ for something else.

    btw, with the race and jetting my bike runs smooth with no dips in the powerband.

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    You'll generally get a fatter midrange with a 4-2-1 system, which the stock most likely is. The 4-1 systems give you the big top end, but at a sacrafice down low. That being said, a lot of full systems give you an increase through the entire range over stock, but with the majority of it on top (but increases in the middle too).

    The stock system with a slipon will only be heavier and noisier. You may gain something up top, but don't expect much. IMHO you'd be better off staying with the full system.

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    Akrapovic has some dyno charts at their website:

    The slipon gives you increased power throughout, while the full system effectively gives more power than stock after ~4700 rpm. And of course the full systems gives you more squirt than the slipon at higher rpms.

    I am installing an Akrapovic slipon on my FZ1 (which has pretty much the same engine as the R1). I was told that unless you live above 9000 rpm, you're betting going with the slipon. More useable power and it's cheaper.

    The full system will be lighter, more powerful, and definitely offers more poser value :P

    If you're happy with the way things run now, might as well just leave things alone.

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