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    I know everyones doing HID's...myself included...but i dont really like the way the spread cuts out at nite...as my night riding sucks...i would like a better beam spread

    thinking about trying silverstars...anyone else try them

    did a search..nothing recent popped up
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    I've bought Silverstar Ultra H7 in June for $67, HST incl. Only choice was a 2-pack.

    I wasn't too impressed about its brightness, but I feel it's a lot brighter when I'm riding inside of underground parkade.

    It got burnt out in Oct, maybe only after 20,000km. Original one from Kawasaki lasted for more than 80,000km. Hang on to the receipt, because Sylvania offers 1 year warranty. I got an exchange at a Canadian Tire with no hassle. It's good to buy a 2-pack after all, so my bike has a replacement bulb right away.

    As Silverstar package states, it provide a lot shorter life than regular bulbs.

    I'll get a regular bulb next time for a lot cheaper.
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    I use Silverstars in my cars. Better than stock, not as good as a proper E code H4. I get them wholesale, and can get singles. AFAIK, the ones sold at CT are not the same as the real deal. Just a rumour I heard, but the single vs. dual packaging leads me to believe it may be true. Last car I had them in, has since been sold to an employee of mine. Still going strong, never burnt out.

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    In my car, I went through about 6 sets of Silverstars in ~3 years. Cheap ones after that have lasted 2 years on their own, but arent bright. So its a trade off.

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    Just ordered some Phillips extreme +80w, suppose to be relly good, also ordered a h4 relay kit, to get more juice to the headlight

    Sylvania silverstars are suppose to be over priced regular bulbs, the real deals are osram silverstars,
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    IF.. you have 2 bulbs in your headlight?? Then.. you can simply substitute a High beam bulb for the low beam one. Just a wee bit of dremel work on the electrical connector on the bulb allows an instant fit. BIG difference :-)

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    I recently got some of the new Osram Nightbreaker Plus bulbs off eBay after having my Silverstars blow. Replaced them with cheap stuff I was able to get quickly locally (was going boarding at the time), and just put the new Osram's in the other night. Noticeable difference, and got them cheap. Have a pair for my fogs as well which will go in next time I have the car up for an oil change. Have one pair left I ordered for a friend only to find his car uses H11's and not H7's if anyone's interested. If not, I'll hang on to them as a spare.

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    I went through buying every bulb out there. Even paid $100 for a set of pias. Eventually got HID's.....Now every thing I own has them and when I drive with friends I cant believe how wimpy stock lighting is.
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