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    Insurance Question Please Help

    hey guys,
    My questions is regarding purchasing insurance. I'm only 18 and am currently only a new driver as well as only have my bike learners. Is it possible for me to purchase motorcycle insurance under my name? Or is there certain reqirements that I have not met yet?

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    If the form says that you are old enough that you are not required to have a legal guardian sign for you, then you can insure for yourself.

    Phone up , or go into the icbc and ask how old you have to be to get insurance with out a "co-sign".

    if you're able to get auto-ins with out co sig, then you'll be able to get moto-ins without it aswell.

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    Bring a sack full of money though, bud. Insuring my ZX9 w/o my "old man's discount" is over 4000/yr full coverage.

    It's not so much buying the bike that's the issue, it' insuring it. Even with my 40+% off, the monthly insurance is nearly what the payment for the bike is.


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    If you're just starting out, a 400cc or smaller bike might be the way to go. Until you have that 40% or more discount, bike insurance is going hurt!

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