I just had another health issue...Intestinal Hemmorage..
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Thread: I just had another health issue...Intestinal Hemmorage..

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    I just had another health issue...Intestinal Hemmorage..

    In Light of nearly bleeding to death internally I have now seen where the sun dont shine..

    You ever see those adds where they try to sell you some medication then they read off all the side effects...

    Well I got put on some meds to help with the cancer and the medicine nearly killed me. I googled the drug while in ER and the top of the list was....Intestinal Hemmorage!!

    The doctors sure tip toe about telling me that it was the drug but I have been taken off it...hmmmmmm

    But I know why drug addicts are drug addicts...Got loads of Valium, Morphine, and some mystery drugs...2nd day in the hospital I thought I was well enough to go for a ride and wanted to go home....

    Billy Connolly describes it best! I never had a laxative that worked like what they gave me....It was NASA....I could have lifted off with so much thrust!...

    Remembering Bill Mclean.
    Having had a colonoscopy......I have now seen where the sun don't shine......(Me)
    Cancer Sucks!!!

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    Mr. ya ha - may your god watch over you and give you some help ...

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    George, i'm glad your home now
    we are all praying for you. call me when you get a chance.

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    Damn. I'm glad you're well enough to log onto BCSB and talk about it.

    Hope you feel better!

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