Just When You Need It Most
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Thread: Just When You Need It Most

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    Just When You Need It Most

    Went for a ride today - spectacular afternoon/evening.

    All was good, but then a bit of a bump...

    A few minutes later back end gets all squirrelly - FLAT.

    Get out the plug kit and go to work. Goes in well, seats
    well and... looking good. Get out the C02.

    Blow the first cartridge when the thread let loose on
    the canister. 2 left. 2nd and 3rd go in fine, but not
    much pressure. I get 500 m, and goes flat again.

    Google maps says I am 6 km to Chevron on Westmount,
    and I am contemplating my sweaty situation (pushing bike
    around is hard work !), when a car stops. Girl asks if i
    need help. Hell Ya !!!

    Drives me to the Chevron, waits while service guy finds
    a can of that disgusting inflator goop. Drives me back to
    my bike ! Wow.

    Her hubby rides a BMW 1200 S. She was driving a sporty
    Golf. If anyone knows them, I owe some beer !

    BIG thanks ! What an AWESOME thing to do.

    Live each day like it is your last,
    like you will never get another chance...

    One day it will be, and you will not.

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    I saw the format
    of your sonnet and thought
    it was a haiku at first.

    I am

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    Pictures of her or it didn't happen.

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    did you "RubHerDown" after?

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    Your charming goods look coupled with a tight black leather suit obviously paid off......lucky!
    Quote Originally Posted by G Hats View Post
    A sore ass is better than a shredded back!

    ** BIKE NIGHTS 2013 **

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    Reminds me I need to get one of those little compressors for under my seat.

    Anyone sell those locally? I know of a good one off the net.

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    wow. that's some bravery of the lady to pick up a stranger on the side of a highway.

    i swear that's how some porno starts.

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    C02 sucks. Get a slime pump and ditch the plastic case. It will be small enough to fit under just about any seat. I think Imperial has them.
    I also carry a very small mtn bike pump.
    I hate flat tires.

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