I need a dual color powder-coater
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Thread: I need a dual color powder-coater

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    I need a dual color powder-coater

    It's easy enough to find some one who will do a single color but they wont do dual. I need my rims coated black with the outer dish coated metallic red. I Had a guy lined up who would do this, but just as i get my wheels off he went on vacation.

    The following parts I need coated:
    2 Clip Handle bars solid red
    1 Kick stand: solid red
    2 Wheels Red and Black

    I live in Chilliwack so some one closer would be better but I can travel too.

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    It's difficult to do 2 colour powder coat due to the baking process required to cure the powder. It requires a certain type of masking and even then, it's not totally guaranteed that the line is going to be solid and not have a bit of running of colours.

    I used to want the same thing in a pair of rims and could find no one who would tackle the job so your lucky to have even found a guy willing to try it. Might have to wait till he gets back from vacation.
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