Hi friends,

I'm realizing i do all highway driving to work and back these days, so I'm interested (yet hesitant) to see if anyone would be interested in a swap. cruiser for crotch rocket. here's my pitch in the buy and sell:

A1 85 HONDA REBEL CMX250 Beginnerís choice bike, lightweight, low center of gravity, low seat height, comfortable cruiser-style ride. Peppy compression, reliable transportation, low maintenance engine, easy to handle, cheap insurance, & Harley Davidson look all in one! Candy-apple red with unique silver gradient fade on the fenders, and lots of shiny chrome. Updated improvements: new cables, gaskets, tires, chain, decals, battery, plugs, & grips. Buyer bonus: Rebel-specific Clymer manual ($50 value). Great resale. Donít miss this deal! This was my first bike & Iím ready to move up. Will be missed. Possible trade. Very serious on price. No low-ballers. Thanks $2,500 obo Surrey

However, I'm willing to take a trade of equal value or even lesser + cash. If you are looking for a change of pace, please consider this option. You can email me at sjason@hotmail.com with a pic and details of your trade idea. I'd be happy with something half the price and twice the cc's, age pending, as a guideline. Thanks gang, ride safe!