Wrecked bikes?
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Thread: Wrecked bikes?

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    Wrecked bikes?

    Does anyone one konw where/who would have access to wrecked bikes. Im am in the process of doing a swap on my current bike. 1983 Kawasaki GPz 400R (From japan) After a few talks with some of the guys over at burn. Kawasaki I decided i am gonna swap in zx6r motor. From what i understand i am going to need to get my hand on an engine from a zx6r upto 2000 complete with carbs coilpacks etc. So right now i looking to get my hand on a complete wrecked zx6r one witha bend frame or body damage, and harvesting the parts off that machine for my GPZ400R. Right now my dads checking out to see if he can get his hands on one from icbcs wrecking yard, but we still gotta find out if he can qualify to be a bidder. So i would apreciate any info or help from anyone out that.

    FYI the bike is ready to take the engine ass soon as i get my hands on the parts i need. lol

    Thanks in advance..... Sean

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    there is a ZX6R coming up that i can bid on if you want. PM me if you are interetsed. I think its an 02.

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    only motor that will fit is a 85-87 'A 'model or a 88-96 ' C ' model . basically the same motor thru all those years. looks identical to your 400 motor. none of the 'D' 'E' or 'R' motors will bolt in. hard to come by a good one, the A series are getting old and there are not to many C series out there 'cause they were a damn ugly bike.

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    A similar grey market bike question: My girlfriend has an '84 EX400 ninja. The motor has always been in pretty rough shape. Are there any other motors that will bolt right in? Displacement doesn't matter, just ease of bolting in and availibility.

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