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    girlie in green

    who was that hott chick goin to maple ridge on sunday? with the green kawi , green cap , and green leather, i thought it was a leprocon (??i kant spell??) till i saw her from behind..jus kiddin i know theres a girl from the group that has a green kawi ...if so damn it was a nice bike

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    dude! that was a guy!
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    Don't know who was on that bike, but Damn good thing ACE said nothing of his interest in the gurl! haha or we'd all be havin a good laugh right now.(that's if it was a guy! haha)

    speakin of nice kawi's though. RMS had a sweet lookin used one in the back there. i think it was a 92 accordin to the shaved headed sales guy.

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    Some one is trying to take over my "hottie spotted" threads. hehe

    Still say that Honda i spotted on Hastings last summer, was the hottest one around.

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