FS : 95 Kawi ZX6 - Cheap Project *PICS
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Thread: FS : 95 Kawi ZX6 - Cheap Project *PICS

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    FS : 95 Kawi ZX6 - Cheap Project *PICS

    95 ZX6

    I bought this bike as is about a year and a half ago in hopes to learn about bikes through rebuilding this one. Never ever got around to finishing the project as I have no more funds to spend on it and I have lost interest in it. The bike was originally purchased from Daytona Motorcycles in Surrey when they were liquidating their store. It's in good shape for what it is. Paid approximately $1500 with accompanying parts but since I'm desperate to get rid of it, I'm asking for $750 obo for everything that i originally purchased. There's a ton of other parts that come with the bike which I have no idea what they are. If you are interested, you are welcome to come take a look. Basically what the bike needs is a whole new plastic shell, seat, lights and other cosmetic stuff.

    What the bike should look like after finished.

    $750 obo

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    Well I have replied to all 18 Messages. Everybody seems to have the same questions so I'm gonna try and cover everything in this post.

    The bike is not running at present. It does crank but does not fire up. I was told by a friend of mine that is a little more knowledgeable about bikes, that it needs a fuel solenoid to go with it. It does come with a gas tank but it is not in the greatest shape. It also does come with a brand new battery. It would need a Vehicle Inspection before you could insure the bike with ICBC. It does come with its original gauge cluster. The bike was purchased from Daytona when they were liquidating. I had no experience with bikes before and thought that this would be a great opportunity to learn about them through this project. Along with the bike, Daytona sold me 3 boxes worth of parts that they said would aid me in the project. I have no idea what these parts are(some of it includes pedals, handles, lights etc) but I bought them anyway. I lost interest in the project as I am concentrating into putting my funds into my car.

    So there you have it. Sorry I can't give you guys any educated answers as to the condition of the bike because I know nothing off it. Your best bet is to personally come take a look at the bike and then all of you will have a clear idea of what this project entails.

    Thanks for all the interest!

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