BMW Triumph Ducati Dealership opens in Kelowna
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Thread: BMW Triumph Ducati Dealership opens in Kelowna

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    BMW Triumph Ducati Dealership opens in Kelowna

    A BMW / Ducati / Triumph dealership Bentley Motorrad is opening in Kelowna.

    Party this weekend:


    I think you should kill this thread and start a new one.

    Not the same location (it's in West Kelowna)
    Not all the same brands.
    No relationship whatsoever to the old owners.

    I think Mr Bentley and crew would have prefer no affiliation to the old shop, except for a few of the good staff they have sought out and hired.

    On the good side, they are having a party Saturday to celebrate the new dealership.
    On the bad side, I will be in Vancouver and miss out!
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    Gonna have to check this out!

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