Drove up to Baker to skin up a few runs (45 cms of new snow in 24 hours and well below freezing), to enjoy an incredibly splendid powder day with sunny breaks everywhere (lift operations are now closed for the season).

The universe was smiling today.

Anyway, there was three or four inches of snow at the roadside just past Glacier this morning (that'll melt in a day), and the road just past the hwy maintenance bldg at the base of the mntn had a good layer of snow on it this morning (that'll also melt in a day).

But - from about 1000' asl the road has three foot snowbanks lining it on either side, up to twenty feet high banks (yup - that's 20 feet) anywhere near the upper levels (starting around the White Salmon lodge area). The 'end of the road gate', where the access to the Artist's Point ride starts, is buried under a good 25' of hard-packed hardpack ... so it'll very very likely not be until late July that they get a chance to clear and open that section up (shit - it dumped almost two feet additional on top of it all last night).

Awesome, awesome day