April 30th Squamish Coffee- 10 a.m Ride !!!!
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Thread: April 30th Squamish Coffee- 10 a.m Ride !!!!

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    April 30th Squamish Coffee- 10 a.m Ride !!!!

    When : 10 A.M @ the Church // 10:30 am departure

    TO : Squamish Star bucks why not ?

    Pace : Fun, but not fast enough to get in trouble

    Why : It's sunny...and it's Saturday..so posing is what BCSB members do.

    All skill level welcome.....can provide noob speed if enough people show up.
    "BTW, How do you say "In the name of Bhudda, get the fuck out of the left lane" in Mandarin and Cantonese? "- OneTrack

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    howsabout a S2S sunday? not so early maybe? 2 much crap(taxes)to get much riding in today :-(

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