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Thread: setting oil pump

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    setting oil pump

    Do you guys think that if I set my oil rate a little higher than recommended on a Kawasaki 3 cyclinder 2 stroke that its safer or is that actually reducing the air to gasoline ratio and creating a lean burn situation that is masked by the extra oil? I heard that theory from a guy and not sure what to think. I set the oil about 1/8th of a turn above recommended, and they are all a little smokey on start up, and then clean up. However if they sit a few weeks and I head out on the freeway the blue smoke when I accelerate is phenominal for 2 or 3 miles. I love looking back and seeing the people behind me in a cloud of smoke but it does look pretty anti social. Maybe its just a part of two strokes I forget about.

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    Just set it up properly and run 100: 1 in the tank for extra safety. Your just going to end up barfing spark plugs

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