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    Yamaha 125

    Seen some of these kicking around Oz right now. Wonder if they plan to bring it to Canada?
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    It has been available in Europe for several years now. It doesn't look like Yamaha intends on bringing it over to Canada to compete in the small cc market. Too bad as I probably would've bought one of those instead of the cbr125 back in 08.



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    These are beautiful bikes, it is a damn shame that Yamaha isn't bringing any to North America. I was very tempted to try and bring one over when I was in India 2 years ago but couldn't bring myself to do the leg work involved in trying to import one here.
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    great looking bike! i'm sure its a beauty!

    but i dont see the point at all marketing this in N. America.. it would be a starter bike, strictly..
    and there are plenty of those around... i'm sure this is the reason Honda brought out the 250R

    i'd sooner purchase one of those if i were wanting to learn on a sportbike.. actually has some ballz to make it worthwhile
    for a few seasons, and much better resale value! my .02

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    What's the engine capable of doing on the 250RR? I can't find anything that talks torque and horsepower. I've ridden both a 125RR and a Kawasaki 250. The Kawi had a much stronger 1st and 2nd. The 125RR first gear gets you to about 20 kms before it redlines... But it's light. Like 270 lbs. This new 250RR weighs in at 360 lbs.! That's insane! Same weight as the 1000RRs... Even if the engine kicks out twice the performance as the 125RR, most of it will be eaten up by the added weight :/

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