HID Lens Burn?
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Thread: HID Lens Burn?

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    HID Lens Burn?

    I bought cheapo HID's from ebay and they work incredibly well (for now). However I notice they get quite hot I was wondering if thats standard with HID's and has anyone experienced the lights melting or deforming your headlight plastic lens?
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    The stock halogen bulb gets very hot. Just from a physics standpoint if the wattage of the HID is less than stock( which it usaully is(probably 35W?) instead of the stock 55W?) then it is definetely making less heat than the stock, and some of that energy is lost in the transformer. I bought some also but haven't fit them yet. Too busy watching all the rain......
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    Is it a true HID with a separate ballast or is it just bright blue bulbs?

    Either way, a good reason to avoid them.
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    even a set of aftermarket bulbs (not HID) can melt some of the rubber around your headlight area. I've read threads of this happening, even on HID kits. Always a risk, hit and miss it seems.

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    No, have you felt the heat off a regular bulb?
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    Hids are more efficient then halogen bulbs. They create more lumens of light, while using less power, and creating less heat. They run cooler and wont melt anything.
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