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    Bob, the mailman

    Bob worked for Canada Post.
    He delivered mail in his own area.
    Most of the people in his area knew him.
    His best friend was Allen.
    One day, on his birthday, Bob was delivering mail and arrived at Allen's house around 11 a.m.
    As he was about to put the mail through the mail slot, the door opened and there stood Allen's wife wearing lingerie...stocking, garters, high heels and a sheer nightie.
    Bob's mouth dropped when Allen's wife said:
    "Hi Bob! Happy Birthday! Come in."
    Well, Bob was totally amazed as Allen's wife took him by the hand, then led him upstairs to the master bedroom where she screwed his brains out.
    When they were done, Allen's wife got up and went downstairs. Bob could hear her banging around in the kitchen.
    Shortly thereafter Bob heard Allen's wife calling, "Come downstairs Bob!"
    So Bob got dressed and went downstairs to find that Allen's wife had prepared an amazing lunch for him. She seated him then proceeded to feed him some fantastic food.
    So Bob was sitting eating this amazing food when he suddenly remembered that he had to get back to delivering the mail.
    He got up and was about to leave when Allen's wife said, "Oh! Just a minute Bob."
    She went to her purse then came back and handed Bob a dollar.
    Bob said, "What's this for?"
    Allen's wife said, "Oh! A few days ago when I reminded Allen that today was going to be your birthday and asked what we should do for you, Allen said, "Oh! Fuck him! Give him a dollar!"

    "The lunch was my idea!"
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    Hahahahahah. Classic.

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