I have nothing better to do on a rainy Sunday morning than planning a next bike trip...

Forecast for Tue. here changed from rain to cloudy, I feel like leaving for my first multi-day bike trip this year.

I'm thinking of 2 choices: Portland or Yakima. Both calling for sunny, highs late teens.

I'm leaning towards Portland, it has both great roads near by AND city life like brewpubs and tax-free shopping (I want a pair of pants and a pair of sandals soon). On Wed., I'm thinking about going ride backroads near Columbia Gorge, climb up to plateau of north central Oregon like Fossil, then back to Portland.

If we stay in Yakima for 2 nights, we go for a ride thru vineyards and dry hills on Wed.

We could make a loop of 2 places, but it's hard to give up of an idea staying 1 place for 2 nights: it's great riding without baggage on Wed., and not having have to look for a place to stay.