I'm BACK!! (with mountain bike questions)
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Thread: I'm BACK!! (with mountain bike questions)

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    I'm BACK!! (with mountain bike questions)

    First, a general "Whaaazzzzzaaapppp" to everyone, old and new cause this is my first post in many a month. I've just been so busy with school and work that i've purposely avoided coming to the site in order to help supress my bike-aholic needs. Thanks, I have missed you all too. But fear not, next week, my Honey will come out of hibernation to continue her quest to master the one-wheeled dance!
    Ryan R, the tank mount is out, the camera is prepped, and the batteries are charged.
    (Yes CG, this means i might be coming out to boonyland to pick up my DVD too!!)

    But on to other matters...I'm looking to get a very basic downhill mountain bike (with rear shock) to use for commuting, maybe some tricks and to hit some trails with. Not gonna be hard core downhill racing so don't need an expensive setup. Price range is under $350 taxes in. So my question is,

    ARE CANADIAN TIRE BIKES any good at all?

    For $299 i can get:
    21speed (made by CCM)
    26inch Kenda wheels,
    aluminum dual suspension Y-frame,
    Shimano Tourney 22 rear derailleur(what is that anyways)
    made by "Supercycle":
    dual suspension with swing arm (looks sweet but is it useful?)
    26"x 2.3" oversized Demolition tires
    Shimano Tourney derailleur
    Mercalli suspension fork
    aluminum frame

    If CT is not the place to go for cheap but quality bikes, where else in Vancouver should i go? (I live on the North Shore and am not willing to go to For Langly or Delta for this).All the North Shore stores seem to sell only hard core pro bikes.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I wish.
    Can't help with the bike, but good to see you Cornell.
    BCSB- Administrator

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    Bluestone - did you try Deep Cove? they usually have some good deals, or John Henry? I've seen some nice normal looking bikes there. There's also that place on Marine by Indigo Books. Other than that you could try the Buy&Sell or my buddy in Vic might sell his.
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    CanTire bikes aren't too too bad. and certainly good for their money.

    i bought one a few years back to do the ""kettle valley railroad tour", and the bikes still as good as new. nuttin broken at all, and i've given her some unmerciful beatings too.

    but keep in mind you do get what you pay for , obviously, and cantire products are certainly no "GARY FISCHER'S" or "KONA",etc.

    Gotta pay upwards or 3000 to get something that really kicks ass.
    i'm talkin full discs all around. fully susped. with pro railleurs, blah blah.

    With a cantire bike, you just may end up bein the suspension for the day! hahaha.

    hope that helps somewhat.

    p.s. make sure you post your wheelie cam once it's got some good reel on it!

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    Hey, here's a welcome thread I don't mind replying too...

    Welcome back Cornell!

    ...sorry, can't help you with your bicycle question.
    Maybe Mediocre
    BCSB - I hate you

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    I looked up Cove and Steed and the only stuff they were selling were top end stuff, or at least outside of my price range. I figure that Scwinn, "Supercycle" and CCM bikes can't be too bad, particulary if their shocks and other components are made by other companies, and a shock will act like a shock, even if it doesn't cost several hundred bucks, right? I really won't be putting this bike to its limit, that's for sure. And besides, the Cad Tire bikes look pretty sweet!

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    welcome back dood.
    BCSB- Moderator

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    i picked up a aluminum iron horse model that does the job somewhat for 319.00 at sport chek,not to bad except the wheels are too soft(bend easy)try edmonds cycle they have used bikes there.i got my norco torrent from them at a good price. good luck

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    When I bought my Rocky Mtn a few years back, I did some research and found the differences between the lower-end Cdn Tire bikes and the name brand mid-range/high-end bikes to be quality of components and the frame.

    In terms of durability, under moderate usage, I'm sure the Cdn Tire bikes will last just as long as the more expensive brands.

    But if you're serious about riding, then you have to compare the stuff like:
    - suspension (i.e. Rock Shox, Marzocchi)
    - brakes, shifters, front/rear derailuers, gearing (i.e. Shimano XT/LX und up)
    - rims
    - gearing/hubs
    - frame composition (i.e. aluminum vs. steel)

    I think that's were the difference is in terms of price and weight.

    Hope that helps.

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    CT bikes are crap. If your looking for a good bike around $350, look in the buy&sell or go to nsmb.com they have a used bike section. On a new bike from CT the suspension is just there as a gimmick to sell bikes, it doesn't work properly because there was no thought put into the design process. Rear suspension that works is very difficult to design, high end bike companies are still trying to perfect it.
    If you look around you should be able to find a quality used hardtail in your price range. If your not planning an doing "hardcore" riding you won't need a full suspension bike. If your commuting hardtail is the way to go. If you want a better explanation or find a bike that you are thinking about buying PM me, I know tons, and am always willing to help someone new get into the sport.

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    Yeah right!
    hey cornell tell me when you get yours im' interested in riding trails adn stuff too. newbie shit, nothing too hardcore.
    i'm learning this summer but it's gonna be a blast.....

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