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Thread: Selling a bicycle on craigslist...

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    Selling a bicycle on craigslist...

    Random rant...

    I've bought/sold probably close to a 50-60 items on Craigslist... not once did I have as much trouble selling something as I did with a bicycle.

    First of all, the POS in question:

    The bike is $350+tax at Crappy Tire, so I listed it for a (pretty reasonable IMO) price of $200 (practically brand new condition, although I also bought it on CL a year ago for pretty much the same price).

    Within a day I had about a dozen replies from people asking me to deliver this bike to Kits. Fucking hippies, no way am I driving that far. I got a single reply from a guy that was willing to come pick the bike up; he asked me a billion questions, I sent him a hundred pictures (that he requested), and after ten emails back and fourth, he told me he only has $100 to spend on the bike. Half my asking price, and this fucking asshole wasted so much of my time.

    After a few days the emails died down, I forgot about the bike, and let it sit for a month or so. I then re-posted the ad explicitly saying I will not deliver the bike anywhere.

    Again, within 24 hours my inbox was filled with emails. It was now closer to summer, and there was even more interest in the bike. I got at least 7-8 emails saying they will take the bike. I replied all ads with my phone number, asking them to call me. Zero calls.

    I let the bike sit another couple weeks and re-posted it again. This time I added another note, saying I won't respond to emails that don't include a phone number, and dropped the price by $20.

    The emails with and without phone numbers were at a good 50/50 ratio. I called back the first phone number I received and the conversation went something like this:

    - Hi, could I speak to <his name>?
    -- Yeah, me
    - Hey, this is <my name>, I'm calling you back about the CCM 700 bicycle I've got for sale.
    -- Do you have a receipt?
    - Uh, no, I got the bike used.
    -- Did you steal it?
    - Uh, no, I didn't fucking steal it.
    -- Okay, I'll come take a look.

    Dude is finally outside my building 30 minutes after he said he'd come. I tell him to buzz me from below and come up to my floor. Ten minutes later he calls me again:

    - Hello?
    -- Come down to the 15th to get me.
    (At this point I'm not exactly happy...)
    - The fuck you doing on the 15th floor?
    -- Come get me.
    - I can't get to the damn 15th floor. Go outside, buzz me, then come up to where I told you to the first time.

    Another five minutes pass and this 5'5 new-age hipster clown in green runners and toque is standing in my doorway. Spends (literally) ten minutes spinning the wheels, shifting gears, etc.

    - I thought you said the bike was black?
    -- When did I say that?
    - In the ad.
    -- No I didn't. The ad included a picture of a green bike, identical to this one.

    He spends another couple minutes pondering this life-shattering decision, then finally orgasms: "Fuck it, I won't take it."

    Okay, out the door you go!

    I call back another guy, we agree on a time, I email him my address. He proceeds to call me no less than 20 times as he's circling around my building, unable to find it. Then we get to the buzzer; clearly he's never used one before, as it took ten minutes to get the idea of punching numbers into the keypad across to him.

    - Hmmm... this bike is a bit sporty for me... I'm recovering from an operation, I thought it would be a "standard" bike.
    -- Why would you think it was a standard bike? I posted a picture.
    - I went to Canadian Tire and they had standard bikes.
    -- Are you fucking kidding me?
    - Sorry, I can't ride this.

    Out the door with this mofo, too!

    The guy who ended up buying it was the polar opposite of everyone though: came on time, handed me the cash the second he walked through the door, barely looked at the bike and walked out with it.

    Good riddance.

    tl;dr: if you have to sell a bicycle, throw the thing off a bridge - you'll feel a lot better in the long run.
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    haha, got to love it. thats why i hold onto my stuff. too many dipshits out there

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    Oh man, that was a hilarious read! I'm sorry that it happened to you (better you than me lol!). I've had the worst lucky dealing with jerk off/ass clowns when selling the following:
    cheap cars and an 1986 Harley Davidson FXR (this attracts the typical 2 guys showing up hours late, 1 is the buyer, the other is the "know-it-all" bike expert-buddy....)...time lost forever.......

    Kill me now! lol

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    I started posting my phone number whenever I post my ads on craigslist, and hide my email. I find talking on the phone takes a lot less time than replying emails. Nobody asks me if I ship the goods to Europe or Africa

    If you get a lot of calls, let your voicemail answer the call. You can weed out some time wasters right there.

    Unless I'm desperate to sell that particular goods, I give buyers 2 chances, then 3 strikes you're out. If somebody cannot find my house after giving my street address then calls me more than 5 times, or ask me same question more than 3 times, I say 'Sorry, somebody else just bought it!'
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    This is why they are referred to as Craigslist Bottom Feeders. I have sold a lot of items on there too, but the amount of scammers and low ball half wits is amazing....and frustrating.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BMR View Post
    This is why they are referred to as Craigslist Bottom Feeders. I have sold a lot of items on there too, but the amount of scammers and low ball half wits is amazing....and frustrating.
    What do you expect? Unless the buyer is willing to pay retail price, he's going to lowball you.

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    I hate selling shit on CL:
    Had a Ford Escort wagon up there about a year ago---with pics, no less. People calling, asking, "will it seat seven people?"--Fuck off, everybody knows what a Ford Escort is...Then there's the sight unseen lowballers.

    Sold a guitar case a couple years ago. I got all kinds of calls on it. Quite surprising.
    "Will it fit an Ibanez?" That's like asking "how many CC's is a Yamaha?"
    A guy was yanking my chain for days. Finally he says he's going to come see it. Coming from Langley.
    In no way did I say I was going to hold the item---first one with the cash takes it, right?
    Anyway, about an hour & a half before he's coming over, i meet up with the "will it fit an Ibanez?" gal at the Skytrain station. She gives me the $50--SOLD!!
    I phone the guy coming from Langley saying, "don't come over--item is sold"...and he starts ragging to me about "honour"....Well, I listened to that shit for about 2 seconds before I cut him off saying that I never agreed to hold the item and he hadn't given me any deposit, so don't start with the "honour" BS...

    Fuggin' Craigslist....
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    I have to say that the experience of selling stuff on bcsportbikes is way better.

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    If I sell something on craigslist I sell it stupid almost give away cheap. I don't think it's ever taken me longer then 24 hours to sell anything, most time it's gone in hours. When you sell something dirt cheap there is no haggling, humming or hawing or screwing around. So many people look for deals, transactions are simple.

    Your writeup was very entertaining though.

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    Here are a few simple best practices that I have incorporated into my latest CL ads:





    If I get any emails, contrary to my short "list of rules", I will either ignore them, or, at best, reply with a link to my CL ad, no explanation, just a link.

    I have had great success with CL over the years, but also agree, the amount of flakes seems to be increasing dramatically.

    I sold a cell phone, 1.5wks ago, and despite my ad, containing the above lines, I still had 1 lower offer, and 2 people asking me if I would deliver it to $80 item, and people expect me to take time from my day, wear and tear on my car, and drive it to their home.

    The "will not deliver" line was an addendum to my original ad, after getting the first request.....I emailed him back, asking him if there was any reason he was unable come meet, ie, no car, or no bus service....he said no, he could, just thought he would

    I list items, know the market very well, and price things to sell, then make very little compromise, in terms of my time generally sells quick, I waste little to no time, and am successful with smooth transactions with decent people.
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    I posted some motorcycle gear month ago on CL, one dude, left me four, 2min voicemails asking questions that rambled on. So painful. Then I got a call from the same guy last night, leaving another rambling voicemail for another guy on my VM.

    If you really want it gone, put in the freebie section, I swear people troll that section as a job.
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    ill trade you that standard bicycle for a 1992 ford explorer with 400k miles on it kerunt. deal? cool can u deliver it? my truck is broken
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    I'm the opposite. I don't even leave my phone # or email. I don't want calls all hours of the day. I'll visit my email and reply at MY LEISURE, not pick up the damn phone at your leisure when YOU call. If they don't reply back then I know they are not serious and this weeds out the tire kickers.

    funny story though..

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    I have had all sorts of crazy calls about shit I am selling.. but I have always found good deals buying. I'm suprised you got a few hundred bucks for what is essentially a piece of shit bike. I got an all Aluminum Specialized Comp with Rock Shocks, full Deore XT, clipless pedals... high end rims (front radial laced)
    for $325.00.. and it WASN'T hot.. the guy had the receipt from when he bought it.

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