Who's got graphicartmotodesign's flushmounts?
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Thread: Who's got graphicartmotodesign's flushmounts?

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    Who's got graphicartmotodesign's flushmounts?

    Has anybody installed Graphicartmotodesign's flusmounts especially on an R6. I'd like to know how well they fit. And a pic of them installed on an R6 would be great. (They don't have one on the site)

    Also interested to see the looks of Performance Motorcycle Parts online's led flushmounts installed. ( Again no good pics on their site )

    Any idea if you can ever get two-sided tape off your bike without leaving marks on the fairing?

    (They attach with 2-sided 3m tape)

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    See here: http://pub114.ezboard.com/fyamahar6m...cID=5250.topic

    above link might not let you on unless you join the R6messagenet

    Also see: http://www.graphicartmotodesign.com/...lushmounts.htm

    I ordered a set without trim about a week ago (still waiting), I don't trust the colour to match perfectly. You shouldn't have any problem removing the adhesive it just takes a lot of patience.

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