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    Attn: Sikorsky

    *** every move should be calculated ***

    Quote Originally Posted by sAdam View Post
    Most everyone on here is worth a laugh or has a good insight at one time or another, even syncro.

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    Quote Originally Posted by syncro View Post
    something for your collection:
    Quote: "It has Collectors plate"

    Now that there, is some funny shit....

    Live each day like it is your last,
    like you will never get another chance...

    One day it will be, and you will not.

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    Just needs a Gremlin (there's one on Brunette near Cayer St) and an AMC Javelin to round out the collection of crap!
    All my Mistresses have two round, sticky black feet and are Made in Japan or Germany!
    If I die on Phillip Island, so what! I'm already in Heaven! WOOHOOO!!!

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    Funny, I was following a Pacer on Kingsway today.......
    Stefan Medlicott
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    "I guarantee that it will start, and I guarantee that it
    will blow up. I cannot guarantee the time between those two events."

    "....those who go for broke often get there...."

    "Buy in Haste, Repent at Leisure."

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    We had 2 Hornets, a Pacer and an Ambassador when I was a kid. Awesome cars. I always liked the Eagle 4X4 wagons as well.
    The difference between you and me .........

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    Quote Originally Posted by NFG View Post
    Funny, I was following a Pacer on Kingsway today.......
    Was it in the evening, around high-gate area? I swear I blew by a Pacer just like Sikorsky's around that time/place!
    "Yamaha" - it's Japanese for "fuck your sports car."

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    Let's grab 3 buddies, put on longhair wigs and sing Bohemian on Sikorsky, party on Garth.

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