Power door lock system installation
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Thread: Power door lock system installation

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    Power door lock system installation

    So does anyone have experience/know a place that does this kind of installation? Dealer quoted roughly 400 for the system not including labour and no key fob. So would be 1grand for the whole thing...

    Found this place but wondering if there is other places.


    Tempted to do self installation but reading the "guides" it seems quite complicated without an actual manual
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    Try any car audio place.... I used to do em a few yrs ago back in T.O
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    Harley Davidson does a slick little system for bikes that works off of your high beam button. I'd look at that too.

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    I use a $35,.00 clicker on my key chain to open my door. It's part of the rear view mirror on my G. Why does life have to be so complicated?

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    yes, I've done it to my old Nissan 240sx. Also had it connected to the alarm system. Can be diffficult as you need to open the door panels and install the actuator and wire it to your electricals. That link is about right in terms of parts prices. Labour, well, that's up to you.

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    I done a few cars and found going to an auto wrecker and finding a car that has all the panels and solenoids that match your car is the easiest. And in most cases those cars have power windows too. Both doors wit locks and windows were about $250 a while ago.
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