has anyone put frame sliders on a zx-7?
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Thread: has anyone put frame sliders on a zx-7?

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    has anyone put frame sliders on a zx-7?

    I can't find much info on puting frame sliders on my bike,or any pictures of what they would look like.I heard that you may also may have to drill the fairings and would like to know the best way to go at it if I were to go with them.if anybody has any experience with zx-7's and sliders could you give me the lowdow please.thanks

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    Well, cheap frame sliders on your bike will likely crack the frame or the head in a wipeout, which ain't good. Good ones require modification of the fairing which, no question, is intimidating but, plastic is cheaper than frames are.

    Here's a visual and some additional info, as an example:



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    Umm, yeah, don't use the examples from that site, that is horrible work.

    It is really simply to install frame sliders on your ZX7, and yes I am pretty sure you have to drill your fairings with a 2 inch circle bit, I think I used a wood one.

    This was taken from a ZX7R Forum on Yahoo!. Written by a guy called "Checkster".

    Here is what you will need:

    1. drill and some drill bits
    2. 2" hole saw, or something slightly larger than your frame sliders
    3. play-dough or some type of putty
    4. masking tape
    5. fine sandpiper
    6. small pocketknife (maybe)


    1. First thing is to approximately locate the upper engine mounting points with the fairings on the bike and liberally apply masking tape to that area. The point of doing this is to avoid any unnecessary scratches or chipping of the fairing when you drill them with the hole saw. Tape off an area at least 5" x 5", can't overdue it here.

    2. Remove both the side fairings

    3. Remove upper engine mounting bolts and remove nuts from back side of frame.

    4. Stick the two upper engine bolts back into the mounting holes all the way until they bottom out on the bolt head

    5. Now take the fairings one at a time and get your putty/play-dough and make a nice size pancake out of it. 3" diameter by 1/4" thick should do it. Firmly place the putty pancake on the back side of each fairing approximately on the opposite side of where the masking tape is (around where the upper mount is)

    6. Install all the fairings and line everything up nice because placement is important here. Put it together like you are getting read to ride it. All the bolts, screws, etc. Make sure you don't knock the putty/play-dough off the back of the fairing while your assembling the bike and its still firmly in place)

    7. Now reach into the engine compartment through one of the big air holes in the fairing and try to feel the end of the engine bolt out like you're trying to push it against the fairing. This will put a dimple in the putty/play-dough locating the mounting hole position. Do this to both sides of the bike. Pull the bolt back out of the putty/play-dough so as not to disturb it when you have to remove the fairings again.

    8. Remove both fairings carefully and drill a small pilot hole in the back of the fairing right in the center of the impression the bolt head made in the putty. Make sure you use a drill bit smaller than the center bit on the hole saw. Remove putty and reinstall the fairings (again!!)

    (at this point you should be looking at your bike with the fairings installed, the taped of portion of the fairing should have on small pilot hole coming through the tape. Now you have positively located the center of the upper mounts and the rest is gravy)

    9. Now take your hole saw and drill straight into the fairings carefully. Don't let the weird contours of the plastic through you off. Drill STRAIGHT in following the centerline of the upper engine mounting hol.e I did this part with the fairings on the bike. Just go nice and easy.

    10. Remove all the tape and clean up the edges with some fine sandpaper or a pocket knife

    11. Remove fairings again and install the frame sliders

    12. Install fairings, you should have nice tight fitting slider with no big gabs or misalignment problems.

    I hope that helps. It worked great for me and I'm really happy with the results. I did have some issues with the contours of the fairing, you'll notice the drill bit has to go through some weird shit.

    Good luck.

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    that's going to help me out alot.thanks

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    great info carl !!

    good shietz ..

    RIP Chia .. you will forever be in our hearts, our thoughts, our prayers

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