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    Jumping From The Bandwagon...

    I wrote about this on another forum a few days ago... I thought due to current events, I should be man enough to fess up and post it here... please be gentle!!!

    So, there's no question as to why I became a Pats fan... after several years of heartache watching a team that, on paper, had every single player required to make a legitimate run for the Stanley Cup, only to watch them shit the bed every year, and come up with yet another excuse as to why they couldn't get it done!!!

    This season, anytime someone mentioned the Vancouver Canucks to me about how good they were this year, i would always reply with the same answer... "I will not cheer for them unless it's Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final, third period, with 1 minute left in the game, and they're up by 5 goals!!!"

    Yesterday, I turn the tv on to discover they're 1 game away to going to the final... "ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME???" This is bullshit!!!

    I gave you more than 20 years of my loyalty... dropped hundreds of my hard earned cash in '94 to sit in the 13th row at center ice to watch you take the Flames out in round 1... I cried my fucking eyes out when Messier hoisted that cup after game 7!!! I sat in front of the tv season after season, only to watch a team who lost all desire, heart, and motivation, to even try to do anything meaningful in the playoffs!!!

    I sit here now, and I'm just like... FUCK... this is how you do me??? You're gonna try now??? you're gonna play like champions now??? after I gave up supporting you??? if you played with this heart in between the last 17 years, I would have never left!!!

    It's like a girl you're trying to date... you buy her flowers, write her poems, take her to the movies, and she never shows any interest in you whatsoever... then when you finally give up on her, she comes bouncing in the door and throws her panties at you!!!

    That being said... I hope they win!!! I won't claim this version of the Canucks as being "my team" because of current bandwagon rules won't allow it, however, it may give me some closure for what happened in '94, and let me move forward to the current generation of Canucks, and embrace them for what they are... which could be possible champions!!!

    end rant...
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    Goo Boston...

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    just enjoy the game and team we have now ...we are making history ... buy the gear and your car flag and get onboard you may not get another opportunity to cheer the Canucks in Finals

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    Here's my own two cents, for what it's worth. I don't have a current Canucks jersey and my car doesn't have flags poking out of every window. In fact, I own only one item with the Canucks logo on it, and that's a t-shirt from the '94 Cup run. Yet despite the lack of and outward display of loyalty, I've actually been a die-hard Canucks fan since '78, which means I was glued to the TV every year since, including the '82 final against the Islanders. In my view, being a fan is pretty simple: you stand by your team, period, and that's what I've done. I've cheered for them every season, even during the lousy ones (and we all know how many of those they've had). When things are bad, it sucks, but when they're good, it's a pretty amazing feeling to be a part of. In the seasons when the Canucks don't make the playoffs or are eliminated in the first or second round, I support other Canadian teams still in contention, but they will never be 'my' team or replace the Canucks.

    All this season I've felt that this is Vancouver's year to win it all, and I still feel it. In 30-plus years of being a Canucks fan, I don't think I've ever seen a team so committed to winning and consistently displaying the desire to do it. The '82 and '94 teams had the heart, but not the depth and talent that the current squad has. Consequently, I'm not that surprised to see them in the finals now and am incredibly excited about it. I fully believe they can beat either Boston or Tampa for the Cup, and I can't wait to watch and enjoy it when it happens.
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    Nicely said ZoomaFoo.

    And fock the band-wagoning rules. This year is an exception!

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    Enjoy yourselves.... you are long overdue for one...

    NHL Winners: By the Numbers

    Montreal Canadiens: 23
    Toronto Maple Leafs: 13
    Detroit Red Wings: 11
    Edmonton Oilers: 5
    Boston Bruins: 5
    Chicago Blackhawks: 4
    New York Rangers: 4
    New York Islanders: 4
    Ottawa Senators: 4
    Pittsburgh Penguins: 3
    New Jersey Devils: 3
    Colorado Avalanche: 2
    Philadelphia Flyers: 2
    Montreal Maroons: 2
    Anaheim Ducks: 1
    Carolina Hurricanes: 1
    Tampa Bay Lightning: 1
    Dallas Stars: 1
    Calgary Flames: 1
    Victoria Cougars: 1
    Pre-NHL Winners:
    In its early days, the Stanley Cup was open to challenges and not the property of any single league. Because more than one challenge series might be played in a year, the list shows more than one cup winner for some years.
    Ottawa Senators: 6
    1903, 1904, 1905, 1906, 1909, 1911
    Montreal Wanderers: 4
    1906, 1907, 1908, 1910
    Montreal Amateur Athletic Association (AAA): 4
    1893, 1894, 1902, 1903
    Montreal Victorias: 4
    1898, 1897, 1896, 1895
    Winnipeg Victorias: 3
    1896, 1901, 1902
    Quebec Bulldogs: 2
    1912, 1913
    Montreal Shamrocks: 2
    1899, 1900
    Seattle Metropolitans: 1
    Montreal Canadiens: 1
    Vancouver Millionaires: 1
    Toronto Blueshirts: 1
    Kenora Thistles: 1

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    ottawa senators have 4 cups?! i didnt know what

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