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    Things are looking up ...

    Finally - some good news:

    Breast-flashing trend picks up where Calgary left off
    Red Mile set exposure standard among hockey cities
    By Stephanie Law, Vancouver Sun May 26, 2011 9:01 PM

    An enthusiastic Vancouver Canucks fan prepares to flash a San Jose Sharks player in the penalty box during Game 2 of the Western Conference final at Rogers Arena in Vancouver.Photograph by: Rich Lam, Getty Images FilesThe first flash was seen by hockey fans across the continent. A Canucks fan raised her shirt to taunt the San Jose Sharks’ Ben Eager in the penalty box during Game 2 of the NHL Western Conference final and was broadcast live on CBC.

    Another woman was photographed revealing her breasts on Granville Street after the Canucks clinched the series Tuesday night.

    Chances are that there will be more exposures during the Stanley Cup final, beginning Wednesday night in Vancouver.

    The trend for women to doff their tops is not that rare in the world of sport, particularly hockey.

    Calgary’s Red Mile, the 14 street blocks where Flames' fans flock after playoff games, is renowned for its lax social norms and women who bare their breasts. There are accompanying chants, such “Flames in six, show us your tits” or “Shirts off for [goalie Mikka] Kiprusoff.” A controversial website ( featured pair upon pair of breasts flashed on the Red Mile in 2005.

    Vancouver hasn’t lost its inhibitions to that degree so far. But it doesn’t mean the trend won’t pick up momentum when people head downtown after games in the final series against either Boston or Tampa Bay.

    Mary Valentich, professor emeritus in social work at the University of Calgary, investigated the phenomenon in 2006. She interviewed six women, four of whom had bared their breasts during Flames celebrations.

    She said it has a lot to do with the context.

    “It’s not going to happen at any hockey game or football game,” she said. “It was just women having fun on those 14 blocks that constituted the Red Mile; it’s about celebration and identity.”She warned against making hasty moral judgments about these women, because many of them aren’t the sexual or drunken types they’re often assumed to be.

    “These women also said that this is something that men can’t do and that’s what they could do for the team,” she said. “To be a Flames girl.”

    But she advised women in Vancouver who are considering following suit to make sure they are being respected and can do so safely.

    Vancouver-based hockey blogger Katie Maximick ranted against flashing after the over-Eager incident, which is on YouTube for the people who missed the televised version. She received a lot of feedback, both positive and negative.

    “I wrote the rant to get people talking and thinking about stereotyping female fans and about female fans’ role in hockey,” she said. “And it worked.”

    Maximick said she doesn’t understand why women do it. For her, when men moon, they do it to taunt.

    But when women flash, it seems to be to flaunt.

    “Embrace your rights and your breasts if that’s how you want to celebrate,” she said. “But think about what will happen if someone nearby had a camera, there’s a way to make that immortal in the worst way.”

    Maximick said she’ll be celebrating Canucks wins on Granville Street with her friends — but she’ll keep her Canucks jersey on.

    Catherine Murray, chair of women’s studies at Simon Fraser University, echoed Maximick’s concerns about topless images going viral on the Web.

    “This sort of thing is a fad. Some young women who consider themselves very liberal and sex-positive like to do this kind of exhibitionist thing in public,” she said. “And you know, that’s okay in the heat of the moment.”

    “But don’t do it drunk and think about possible consequences, because these images never disappear on the Internet.”


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    Well... correct me if i'm wrong but I'm pretty sure women being topless in the streets of Vancouver was made legal last year. They can no longer be arrested for indecent exposure or whatever it was. Maybe that means it will happen more often outside after games?

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