I'm rather upset about some of this nice weather...
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Thread: I'm rather upset about some of this nice weather...

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    Angry I'm rather upset about some of this nice weather...

    This wait is killing me! I hope the labour at BK doesn't take too long... at least the new parts should all be in by this Saturday.

    Some pretty nice skies over the north shore today... I get so jealous and bitter buzzing around on my KE100, watching others glide around on their sportsbikes! Pardon my selfishness, but I wish it'd just constantly rain until I get my 6R back- then this wouldn't be so painful. And get this... yesterday my mom even made some crack about me taking out the "putt-putt". Oh yeah, and whenever I go to my girlfriend to get a little sympathy she just laughs at me and calls me a squid! Jesus! I'm out of school early... haven't yet started my summer job... look at all this time I could be spending reaping the benefits of my sweet, sweet bike! What a waste.... I will forever be burdened and saddened by this loss.

    And why didn't I put my insurance on hold? It'll have probably been a month between crashing my bike and getting it back. Damn me!

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    dude, that's tooo funny your mum burned you about "ridin the put-put"

    she sounds like she digs rockets.

    Hope BK puts a blanket over the barrel for ya.

    Get ridin soon


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    Dude, everyone is beatin on you... poor guy.
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    Hay that sucks that your bike is in the shop. I had my bike in for repair and it took a month before I got it back but when I did I just rip it up and you will too. So stay calm and just rip when you get it back.
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