You should see my today. Went to Carter in Coq. to try out two bikes. The Honda 919 and the FZ1. Was good weather and we went (Bez and me) for a ride. That sounds pretty normal for most of you, but not for me. Because it was my first ride here in Canada. Sold my last bike in Europe 4 years ago (Suzi 1100) and had never the time or money to ride here in Canada since I came over here. Was a bit nervous, but felt quiet good after the first 10minutes. The 919 is awesome!!! Very good response (engine as well as handling). Was a bit scratched up, some Lady let her down a few days ago (anybody from the site???)
After an hour went for a short spin with the FZ1. Nice bike, but not for my taste. Very high top end power, but not as "fun" as the 919. The FZ1 clearly tells me:"C'mon, let's go on the highway!!!" while the 919 whispers me:"How about some twistie roads buddy!!!??"
I'm happy I could decide which one is for me, so I'll sleep better now, and look forward to some rides with you gals/guys in May.
A big thank you to Bez from Carter Motorsports, you rock!

PS: So look out for the smoke-naked