The Uno: Never fall off ur bike again!!
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Thread: The Uno: Never fall off ur bike again!!

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    The Uno: Never fall off ur bike again!!

    The Uno: Motorcyle Meets Segway

    Think the Segway is just too geeky for your Born to Be Wild bad boy lifestyle? Then check out this cool new motorcycle born at the intersection of Geek Street and Hog Heaven Avenue.

    The Uno is a self-balancing motorcycle that uses a pair of gyroscopes to constantly keep its rider upright.

    Designed by 18-year old inventor Ben J. Poss Gulak (and built with the help of a team of bike builders and engineers), the 120-pound motorcycle is so easy to ride, its only control is a single on-off switch. To ride forward, lean forward, to reverse, simply lean back. The degree to which you lean increases or decreases your velocity. By using a pair of wheels, the bike can also make turns based on your side-to-side movements.

    The one-of-a-kind motorcycle was recently demonstrated at the 2008 National Motorcycle Show in Toronto, Canada. Its current whereabouts are unknown, but I’m pretty sure you’ll recognize it if you see it coming down the road.
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    You're like 3 years behind in the times man. This was even featured on Dragon's Den like 2 years ago.

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    Is it half price?

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    instead of putting the wheels inline (safe) he puts them side by side ( unsafe) , i will assume he did this to show stationary balance

    this is the most useless mootrcycle idea on the net , total waste of money , probably would need to take gravol to ride it anywhere
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    Quote Originally Posted by frostyfire View Post
    you're like 3 years behind in the times man. This was even featured on dragon's den like 2 years ago.
    haha!! +1

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    the "never have riding buddies again"

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