Titanic launched 100 yrs ago
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Thread: Titanic launched 100 yrs ago

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    Titanic launched 100 yrs ago

    Who would believe 11 month later it would be gone.
    The once biggest ever moveable object in the world.
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    In 2008, I went to Halifax and went to the cemetary where they buried some of the victims... I actually stood at Jack Dawson's headstone... the real dude who worked in the boiler room!!! It was trippy!!!
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    The greatest shock of the sinking of the Titanic, was that the ship was emblematic (symbolic) of the society that the western world had 'built' at that time (in all it's pomp, wealth, class divisions and mass) ... and soon it (society) too would run afoul on ice and rocks (WW1)

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