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    sales recomendations

    Looking to maybe buy new R1 ,so if you all could give me the name of some very good people to deal with I would be very thankfull

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    Nick at Pacific wasn't too bad,but Frank at North shore was better.
    Adam said in another thread that you should be able to get an 03 for $14000 OTD. I'm not sure how true that is, but if you have the cash it's worth offering them that and see how they react.
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    Got my FZ1 from Frank at North Shore. Knocked off $2200 off a 2001 FZ1 in April of 2002. Stated I wanted the best price and that there were 3 stores with 3 bikes to choose from. He knocked the price down for me. Do your research first.

    If it helps, let him know that Joe who bought the black FZ1 from him last April recommended you speak with him.

    Happy Shopping!

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    If you're willing to come to the island to buy, then go to Spunky's in Parksville and see Gary. He gave me an awesome deal this year and last and wouldn't hesitate to give him my business in future years too. Plus he'll give you a really good discount on accesories if you buy new from him! Worth checking out for sure!

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    If you feel like going to Port Moody, G.A. Checkpoint Yamaha on St. John's is where I'd go.
    If you do, look up Bob and tell him Jason with the YZF recommended him.
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