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    I wish.

    Front page events.

    I'd like to start getting events more exposure by putting them on the front page of the site. It's easy to do since the update and any of the moderators can do it. However, there are some conditions I'd like to meet in order to make it work, and if you can follow along your event can be there too.

    - Be verbose. Add some detail. Write your post as if it's going to be on the front page. 4 lines and a web link aren't going to cut it. Pretend this is the first time someones coming to your event and write it like that.
    - Include inline images - everyone loves images ! No wider than 400 pixels please.
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    Just tried one, the GA Checkpoint Demo Day, and will add any other
    Demo Days to this....not sure I did it right or if it worked, but I did *something*???!!!
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