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    I was wondering if anyone else on this forum follows e-sports, or starcraft 2 professional gamers in particular.


    This weekend (starting today) is one of those MLG (major league gaming) events in Columbus. What's special about this event is that this is the first time that it's working in correlation with the Korean league GSL (global starcraft II league) where top players in korea are flown over to america to battle againts some americans. These guys are qualifying for the big tournament later on this year for top prize of $50k. Some of the korean players flown in play in monthly tournaments with prize pool of $40-30k for first place, so there's some big money going on here.. plus companies like Intel, LG, benQ etc sponsor some of the clans/teams.

    Anyways there's some free streams and live games going on, so if you haven't watch before you should definately check it out, even though you might not know what everything is..

    two streams going on right now

    anywaaays.. yeah.. have a look

    -----[Match starts at 5:30 EST ~ 4:30 CST ~ 3:30 MST ~ 2:30 PST]-----
    [Times are in EST]
    Stream Red - http://pro.majorleaguegaming.com/live/starcraft_2_red
    Fri 6:30 PM — Pool Play - Naniwa vs. Moon
    Fri 7:30 PM — Pool Play - Ret vs. MC
    Fri 8:30 PM — Pool Play – InControL vs. Losira
    Fri 9:30 PM — Pool Play – Idra vs. Ret
    Fri 10:30 PM — Pool Play - Haypro vs. Losira
    Fri 11:30 PM — Pool Play - InControl vs. Machine
    Stream Blue - http://pro.majorleaguegaming.com/live/starcraft_2_blue
    Fri 6:30 PM — Pool Play - Community's Choice Match – TLO vs. Losira
    Fri 8:30 PM — Pool Play- InControl vs. Losira
    Fri 9:30 PM — Pool Play - Idra vs. Ret
    Fri 10:30 PM — Starcraft 2 Blue Stream Update with Julie and Shibby
    Fri 11:30 PM — Pool Play - SeleCT- vs. Ret

    edit #2: i recommend watching the blue stream with Artosis and Tastosis because they're just way professional boss nerd game commentators.. :3 if your checking stuff out
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    I only follow Halo's MLG... better for watching.

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