What grinds your gears?

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  • Talking/texting & driving.

    41 50.62%
  • Change lanes w/o signaling.

    47 58.02%
  • Speeders.

    4 4.94%
  • Left lane hogs.

    50 61.73%
  • Tailgaters.

    30 37.04%
  • LOUD pipes, you know who I mean.

    26 32.10%
  • Other. Please describe.

    9 11.11%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: What grinds your gears?

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    What grinds your gears?

    As I sit at Trev Deeleys and enjoy a free cup of coffee, I figures I'd waste a bit if my data plan and pose a question.

    We all have things that tick us right off in a driving/motor vehicle kind of way. For myself it's moving in and out of the HOV lane over the solid line and talking/texting while driving. Inconsequential to a lot of people, to me they make me see red.

    Seeing as we are all different, yet all on this board bickering each day, what pisses off you guys (and girls) when you see it on the road?

    It doesn't have to make any sense, it's just the kind of thing that makes you say "what a frickin' moron!"
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    Most of the above + people who slow down/stop and block the lane while they figure out where the hell they're going - I've been ready to go postal a couple times over this...
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    All of the above plus people driving with their left foot on the brake. Oh and people who will go against the rules to be polite. Like the old lady who will stop in the middle of the intersection to wave you through your left turn. Drives me batty.
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    All of the above, and the 2 suggestions above me!
    Speeders who don't know how to speed without endangering others. Some people seem to be able to back off when traffic gets heavy, some not so smart.
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    the idiots that can't keep their car in the lane they are using especialy in a corner and hanging the outside two wheels over the center yellow line into oncoming traffic. i saw this happen tragicly
    on the access road to whiterock 5/6 years ago with a ford p/u with the huge west coast mirrors on it, he was heading east into a right hand corner and over the yellow line and a bike heading west in lane position 1 the trucks drivers door mirror hit the rider in the chest and then peeled him off the back of the bike. he was riding a ujm. the rider was hurt pretty bad. his sturnum was broken with a few ribs and some internal chest injuries. the driver of the truck lied and said to the cops that the bike was in his lane but there were at least 4 witnesses including me that saw the truck drifting over the centerline. because of that i never ride in lane position 1 on a 2 lane 2 way street.

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    1. People who leave way too much space from the car in front of them, thinking they're super safe. Especially when, in leaving so much room, they block the left hand turn lane which is usually about to turn green. 2. People going <20km/hr below the speed limit, especially along 10th/12th heading to UBC (for those of you unfamiliar with this road, it's not really safe to pass given all the cross-walks etc.). 3. When everyone slows down to watch accident carnage. 4. The third or fourth car which makes a left on a "yellow".

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    The people who don't understand the 4 way stop. Then they wave people through out-of-sequence, and everyone ends up frozen. Just follow the fucking rules.
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    The four cars that turn left after the light turns red. The people who blow straight through the red light, forcing the first left turner to wait (or possibly get hit). People who don't understand four-way stops. People who don't understand traffic circles.

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    I'm border line nazi haha

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    coming back from hope i got stuck behind some ass@ole in the left lane going the same speed as the right , no traffic in front of him for .5 km , and we had to follow him for 5 or 6 kms before i got a chance to pass

    oh yeah i hate polls that dont add up to 100%
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    The old hag that decided to make a full stop inside a roundabout and let one of the feeder lanes through. I just about rode up beside her prius and knocked off her side mirror!

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    One of the biggest issues for me is "merging". Improper merging skills cause more traffic backups than anything. We were taught how to merge properly when I started driving. I don't think they teach it correctly today.
    Merging means go all the way to the end of the lane where the merge begins and merge, or blend into, the traffic that is moving in the lane you are joining.
    So many people stop long before the end of the merging lane and try to get into the other lane.
    Backs traffic up all the time.
    Classic is the merge onto the number 1 from 152nd street.
    If the drivers in the moving lane let the merging cars (who have come to the end of their lane) merge into their lane properly then everything can keep flowing along with minor disruption to traffic flow.
    Unfortunately, this is not normally the case.
    At the 152 onto the number 1 I usually end up passing (on the right) the cars that stop way up the merging lane and drive to the end of that lane where I, and other people who know how to merge, merge with very little difficulty. Why? Because it makes perfect sense.
    Streams and rivers merge and keep on flowing. Not complicated.
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    people who drive with their high beams on, people who slow down in the middle of the street for no reason, people who take up 2 parking spots!

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    1, 2 & 4 piss me off the most.

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