My very first ride!
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Thread: My very first ride!

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    My very first ride!

    Well, as some of you know. I picked up an 03 R6 about a week and a half ago. But it wasn't insured. I wanted to take my safety course first. And I've got that this weekend.

    But, yesterday, my boss (an avid rider), called me up right after work and said, "Insure your bike...we're ridin." Well, I didn't need much convincing.

    All in all, IT WAS AMAZING! Totally a defining moment for me. I've wanted to ride for most of my life. But due to parental control up until now (when my credit rating finally got good enough), I wasn't able to.

    We went north on Mt. Lehman, the west on Taylor, and then up some really really nice twisty roads. Dang was it good.

    Anyhow, I hope to come on some newbie rides. I'm still on the L, so if anybody is riding past Abby for a ride and has a full license, PM me and let me know. I'd love to tag along!

    Take care guys, and sorry for the boring, mostly uneventful post, I just had to let the world know how stoked I am.

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    Sounds like you have many fun days ahead of you. lol.
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    go to joeys tomorrow night

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    i live in abby, just got a new bike so i will be takin it easy, maybe if it is nice sunday afternoon i'll post a ride up in the newbie section. Totally weather permitting though. i have full class 6 so anybody "on the L" is welcome if it happens. Check the going for a ride section later on the weekend. Awesome to hear that you are enjoying your bike. And damn, those new R6s are sexy sexy machines.

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    Congrats, dude!

    Check your PM inbox.

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    nothing boring about seeing another rider on the road!

    I don't recall seeing a welcoming thread for you so...


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    My welcoming thread was 'My New Bike'. But thanks for the welcome anyways. I love this board, it's gonna get me fired though. I'm always on it at work and stuff. So yeah. to you too!

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    I live in Mission and have my full licence. I'll be insuring sometime in May. I'll keep your name in mind.
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    Right on ,dude.

    If anything i'd say you're not lettin us know you're stoked enough!

    have fun ridin that rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrocket.

    play safe.


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