WARNING- Route 3 Crowsnest- Manning Park
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Thread: WARNING- Route 3 Crowsnest- Manning Park

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    WARNING- Route 3 Crowsnest- Manning Park

    Be VERY......I repeat VERY careful on the #3 just East of the Hope slide area. The center of the lane (Where the painted line should be) is so deteriorated that it will swallow a 120 front tire, like a mean railroad track crossing. This is going East or West! Road repair crews really need to get on this. Aside from that tons of wild life. I have never seen so many deer in a short stretch 25+, 3Bears, a moose and 2 cayotes. Be careful and be aware.

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    Yeah, I posted this after coming back from May Long, have NEVER seen it like that, super dangerous fir bikes.

    It can obviously be avoided....as long as you don't change lanes, scary shit!

    We also saw 2 bears & 3 deer, which was unique....lotsa snow this year, animals
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    Lots of holes alright. And I'm wasn't even counting the ones that drive. . .
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    This bad hmmmmmmm i wanted to head up to vernon for a blast but i keep hearing this road is messed up badly?
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    i did the ride on the weekend and the ruts seem to be worse near the slide , there were some warning signs , other than that i enjoyed the ride , there is still some snow in the shady areas off the road so dress warm if going thru early
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