2011 MX NAtionals on at Naniamo this weekend
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Thread: 2011 MX NAtionals on at Naniamo this weekend

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    2011 MX NAtionals on at Naniamo this weekend


    This weekend is a good excuse to go for a ferry ride....See some of the guys you watched on TV this winter...Some top Canadians and some Top USA riders will be there...

    Easy 20 minuet ride from the ferry....12 minuets if you eat the sunshine Breakfast...It will make you go fast.....hahahaha
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    Top Canadians yes...Americans...not so much. Hate to be a pooper on the parade but anyone that was racing US Supercross this winter is not wasting their time racing the Canadian Nats. Having said that it is good racing and you can get a good look anywhere on the track unlike the closest US Nat in Washougal where the fans are three deep the whole way around the track!

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