i'm in need of BCSB assistance! lol.. got a spare battery to lend this weekend!??
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Thread: i'm in need of BCSB assistance! lol.. got a spare battery to lend this weekend!??

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    Wink i'm in need of BCSB assistance! lol.. got a spare battery to lend this weekend!??

    hello friends, so i thought i'd give'r the old college try and request the help of
    my fellow bcsb'ers.!! lol!..

    it appears my stock battery {came with my 09 R1} has found a buyer a week earlier than expected

    alas i' was all set to do an over-nighter Saturday-Sunday and i will not have my replacement SHORAI - LFX18L1-BS12, 18A/hr & 270 Cranking CCA (A)
    in time to enjoy this great weekend weather..

    if anybody does happen to have a spare battery which they would not mind loaning me for the weekend, I would really, really appreciate it!! though i have plenty of mods to toss on the bike, i figure one more weekend of riding would be a lot more fun!

    please pm me at your earliest convenience if you're able to help.. 09 R1s run with a YUASA YTZ10S, its obviously a very common battery on sportbikes...

    thanks in advance!

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    For what kind of bike?

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    Yeah, what kind of bike do you have again? I'm sure you've mentioned it before in every post you've made over the last year, but I can't remember right now. Was it a ZX10?

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    Your stock battery wasn't good enough to run but you want to borrow someone elses stock battery?

    Can somebody also lend me a set of tires for the weekend?
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    I could use a valve adjustment kit and some chain lube...

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    One of the oddest requests ever.
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    What a weird upgrade. Especially on an 09. What was wrong with the stock battery?
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    I just sold my stock muffler, and I won't have a muffler to rip around the town this weekend. Can someone lend me your muffler?

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    My wife's going overseas for awhile, can I borrow yours?

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    Just push start it and leave off the fancy electronics other than low beams, cluster and ignition.

    I rode around on no battery for a few months.
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    Is that possible???

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    Quote Originally Posted by CanadianBird View Post
    My wife's going overseas for awhile, can I borrow yours?
    FIXED: I sold the old wife, the new one has not arrived.
    Can I borrow yours in the interim?

    To the OP: I have a spare YTZ7S (smaller than yours,
    but may work - sent you a PM).

    113mm x 70mm x 105mm

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    Quote Originally Posted by RubHerDown View Post
    FIXED: I sold the old wife,

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    Wait did you check online from a US retailer for the lowest price shipped to blaine? And then walked into burnaby kawi or pacyam to check out the YUASA battery? And then decided to ask BSCB for a rental?

    That's pretty normal motorcycle owner shopping =)

    Kidding, I have a spare, but it's a much smaller battery.
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