Things "Pull Back" Just a Bit Too Much
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Thread: Things "Pull Back" Just a Bit Too Much

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    Things "Pull Back" Just a Bit Too Much

    Not bad post race interview, in its own
    right - until 3:10 - then it gets a bit

    Europeans vs N Americans - go figure...

    Too Funny.

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    OK, so that's got to at least cause a bit of a lapse in concentration.

    As well, they should be including subtitles whenever Guy Martin is talking.

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    Damn, that clip will probably go down in motorcycle history, tff.
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    hah that's cetainly a funny thing to bring up in a press conference..
    +1 on Martin.. He's hilarious to listen to.
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    Rofl. The hood...haha.

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    In the first minute of interview, Guy Martin sounds just like that dude in 'Train Spotting' when he went in to his U.I. interview all jacked up on speed (meth-amp) ...

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    lmao.....the hood came up.......
    and +1 on Guy....what a character "a bird in the road, the feathered kind, not one wearing a skirt"....really want to see that TT movie that came out recently
    it's called the bag of shame for a reason

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