What drives your wife crazy?
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Thread: What drives your wife crazy?

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    What drives your wife crazy?

    3 guys sitting in bar.
    One guy ask the other two what it is they do that drives their wives crazy.
    First guy says, "When I come home from work I walk in the house, take my shoes off and leave them in the middle of the kitchen floor then go and watch TV. Drives her crazy!"
    Second guy says, "When I come home I take off my work clothes, throw them on the floor in the bedroom, go out to the kitchen (even if her mother is there), grab a beer out of the fridge then turn the TV on and light up a smoke. Drivers her absolutely nuts!"
    These two guys then ask the other guy what it is he does that drives his wife crazy.
    He responds, "Well! After we have sex I usually get up right away and wipe my dink off on the drapes! Really makes her crazy!"
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    Huh? Am I missing something here? Like....the rest of the joke?
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    :-( I'm waiting also

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    Maybe that's the joke.....not finishing what you...........
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    good story bro

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