Motorcycle tire stores in Bellinham?
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Thread: Motorcycle tire stores in Bellinham?

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    Motorcycle tire stores in Bellinham?

    Anybody know of a motorcycle tire store in Bellingham WA. tht sells and mounts tires.
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    Here is the easiest thing to do.

    1. Buy tires online from motorcycle superstore or sportbike track gear. I usually use motorcycle superstore (free shipping when $$$ value is high enough)

    2. HAVE TIRES SHIPPED TO A FREIGHT HOLDING COMPANY IN POINT ROBERTS. To avoid any hassle don't ship to Canada.

    3. Drop tires off at bike shop that is cool with customer supplied mount and balance. Two I have found to be very good are bayside performance and 2nd gear motorsports. If you are paying more than $25 to $30 a wheel you are getting gouged.

    4. Bring bike to bike shop.

    This is the easiest, cheapest route.

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    Google would be your friend on this one

    Or you could buy at or at bayside and then take them to Ted @ EMS and he'll mount them for you. did you buy one of his labour saver cards!!?

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    Steve Baker Kawasaki. on Meridian way? or go a little south to Skagit Motorsports.
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    +1 for wingcycles.
    cool guys easy access, Tires comes from Portland overnight generally.

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    Some of the local shops are surprisingly competitive on tires, like 5th Gear and Bayside. I'd check them first before gearing up for crossing the border.

    Be aware that putting new tires on your vehicle and not declaring them coming across the border can cause you a lot of grief.

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