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    HID Projector Mod

    Hey guys,

    I have a '97 YZF 750 and am wanting to install HID Projector's. I initially went out and purchased an HID kit but after hearing how unfocused the beam is and how distracting it can be to other motorists, I am going to go with the projector's.

    My questions:

    1. Does anyone know of a reputable, high quality brand?
    2. I don't think there are many kits around for a '97 YZF 750 but I have seen several for R6's and R1's. Does anyone know if there is a more modern bike kit available that would work for my YZF? If not, is it just a simple matter of using different connector's?

    I can't think of any other questions right now, but if anyone has any suggestions, please feel free. I actually have one extra head light set up so I am just going to completely modify it and install the projector's.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance.
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    If you look hard enough ( ) you see an
    HID thread, on the same page as yours
    in the fist page of the Bike Tech & Mods

    Most sides of the story had their kick at
    things in that thread.

    Best of luck with the conversion

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    ^^^what he said

    The projectors need a bit of room to fit, seems to be two generic made in china types, one with the halo and one without, but they are the same length and pretty much the smallest universal fit projectors you can get, just need to get the same bulb types
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    I was at a place that sells HID kits in Crystal Mall. The projectors he showed me had a crisp cut off with HID bulbs in it. I bought a kit and they work just fine in my truck. Same pattern with the same cut off as stock. Only difference is it is crazy brighter than stock and lights up more of the sides. BTW it is the newer single bulb HID kit with high beam.
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