single or double axle toy hauler
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Thread: single or double axle toy hauler

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    single or double axle toy hauler

    i want to buy a 7/12 enclosed trlr ,but am waffling over getting the single or double axle unit

    which would have better resale

    the single axle unit could be pulled by more vehicles

    the double has more capacity

    decisions decisions
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    Double axle would be way better in my opinion, strictly because if you're headed down the highway and you blow a tire on the trailer you're not nearly as screwed as you would be with a single axle...

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    A single weighs a lot less and its much easier to move around by hand when need be. Also less to wear out and replace, tires, bearings, etc.

    As for resale, seems fairly high for both. Just pick whatever works better for you. I have a single and would do it again. I recommend torsion bar suspension vs leaf for bikes.
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    I've never had a complaint about our single axle unit. I'd guess, it All depends on how much you're planning to haul really..
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