BCSB tennis players (intermediate to semi pro)
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Thread: BCSB tennis players (intermediate to semi pro)

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    BCSB tennis players (intermediate to semi pro)

    Haven't played in 2 years, I am not as good as I once was, but I'm better than most.

    Anyone up for playing this summer? I'm off weeekends and every day at 5pm.
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    How old are you and what level? 4,5,ATP? My son is looking for hitting partners

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    I have a good racket but havent hit a ball in ten years...would be a great way to get back in shape...where do you play??? probably more like a beginner - intermediate level

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    Same here. I haven't played in close to 8 yrs. Before I broke my back... But I'd love to get back into it.

    I used to play club and compete in men's single/double tournaments.
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    I've been known the rock the racquet from time to time, and yeah, that's right, I'm semi-pro, beotches!

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