best spine protector?
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Thread: best spine protector?

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    ricer dude

    best spine protector?

    im looking for a good spine protector. i have seen the bohn with kevlar plates.
    the tai chi one at RMS sucks balls; it slides all over the place.

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    Ricer dude, I asked this same question about a week ago.
    Check out located on the same forum.

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    I am looking for a back protector as well! Are the dainese and alpinestars good? joe rocket?
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    Originally posted by Mini
    I am looking for a back protector as well! Are the dainese and alpinestars good? joe rocket?
    I've got a Dainese back's pretty kick-ass. Not that I have a lot to compare it to, the only other one I've used is a Joe Rocket. The JR definaly fit under my leathers better, but the Dainese offers more protection b/c it's the full vest type. If it had some elbow protectioin, I would actually feel pretty good with just wearing it with a windbreaker on super hot days.

    The Dainese costs over twice what the JR costs though.
    Maybe Mediocre
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    I use a knox's back protector and it has been tested with a 100 mph highside at PIR last year, I landed on my back and walked away from the accident, I also have a really bad back to begin with. I say knox all the way. BRian
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