The value of human life
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Thread: The value of human life

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    The value of human life

    This is how cheap our Justice System sees the value of human life.... what a joke.
    Hit-and-run Driver Gets 3 Month Conditional Sentence
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    Baldir Gill was hoping his father's death would serve as a lesson for anyone thinking of leaving the scene of a crash — but he says that won't be the case.

    Gill's 80-year-old father was killed in October, and it took the driver involved 24-hours to turn himself into Abbotsford police.

    Now 27-year-old Ken Howarth has received a 3-month conditional sentence and a two-year driving ban.

    Gill suggests the sentence, which Howarth gets to serve in the comfort of his own home, won't deter anyone. He says, "They haven't given him much, but that doesn't mean we can't give more than that."

    Gill says if judges don't start giving tougher sentences for leaving the scene of an accident, more drivers — especially those who are intoxicated — are going to be inclined to drive away.

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    this is fucked up.

    so shit head drunk drivers pretty much get to walk, while a guy who defended his gf from an assault is currently awaiting sentencing for 2nd degree...
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